Advice to Employers on Social Security Issues

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Advice to employers on Social Security Issues (e.g. BVG, AHV, UVG, Daily Sickness Allowance)

As an employer, do you need to resolve a complex social security issue, for instance:

  • The cancellation of your affiliation contract with your current collective pension fund and joining a new pension scheme as the management of the cancellation procedures, the transfer of your retirees or the possible obligation to pay additional contributions
  • The specific characteristics of Swiss law on occupational pensions when restructuring your business or when undergoing a merger at a national or international level
  • The evaluation of contribution claims regarding the Swiss old age and survivors insurance (AHV), disability insurance (IV) or accident insurance
  • The evaluation of benefits cases
  • The evaluation of a subordination to the foundation for flexible retirement in the construction industry (FAR)

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