Foundations and NPOs


Foundations and Non-Profit Organisations

A DUFOUR core competence

DUFOUR is one of the top firms for advising donors, foundations and other non-profit organisations. We are one of Switzerland’s leading experts on foundations and among “The elite of foundation specialists in German-speaking countries”.

We advise private individuals and companies that engage in non-profit activities or would like to establish or support a foundation, from the first concept through creation and ongoing administration. Not only do we consider all legal aspects relevant to foundations, associations and societies in general, we also take into account tax regulations (tax exemption, tax deductibility, VAT). We are the contact for members of strategic management bodies (Board of Trustees, Board of Directors) and executive directors of foundations and other non-profit organisations in all aspects of daily business and in connection with liability risks.

We are acquainted with all aspects of philanthropic and charitable matters. DUFOUR lawyers act as legal advisers, organisational consultants, members of foundation boards and boards of directors, directors of foundations and associations and also as donors. The office of proFonds, the umbrella organisation of charitable foundations in Switzerland, has been managed at DUFOUR for more than 20 years.

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