Inheritance and Bequests, Estate Planning


Inheritance and Bequests, Estate Planning

At DUFOUR, you will receive thorough legal advice and assistance in all inheritance matters, in particular for:

  • Regulation of an estate (setting up wills, inheritance contracts)
  • Advice on inheritance law and estate planning
  • Execution of wills, representation of heirs and probate administration
  • Distribution of estate, estate settlements and inheritance disputes
  • Setting up a foundation
  • International law on inheritance, issues and estates

You wish to determine who shall inherit your assets, in particular if there are no descendants: charitable institutions or e.g. godchildren. You wish to make sure that your surviving spouse partner or cohabitant will be able to maintain the same standard of living. Appropriate provisions can be made by preparing a suitable marital property and inheritance contract or drawing up a will in accordance with your needs.

Do you live in a patchwork family? Do you wish to appoint your spouse or partner as your primary heir? Are you the owner of considerable assets or a company and are thinking about your succession? We are pleased to advise you together with our external tax specialists.

Are you looking for an executor for your estate who will settle your estate in accordance with your wishes? We are pleased to advise you with our longstanding experience. When intending an efficient and equitable distribution of your estate, the appointment of a representative for your heirs can be useful. The appointment of an estate administrator can prove of use for example in the evaluation of the financial situation of a company.

You are looking for specialists who represent your concerns in the community of heirs, carry out the distribution of the estate, evaluate possible solutions for you and also represent your interests before the authorities (tax administration, etc.). You wish your interests in complex inheritance disputes to be represented by skilled and competent attorneys in court. As proven experts with many years of experience, we are pleased to assist you.

Our nationwide renowned foundation specialists will advise you competently and efficiently.  link with 1.5.2

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